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12,801,989. Population estimates base, April 1, 2010, (V2019) 12,702,868. Population, percent change - April 1, 2010 (estimates base) to July 1, 2019, (V2019) 0.8%. Population, Census, April 1, 2010. 12,702,379 Pennsylvania Population Pennsylvania (U.S. state abbreviation is 'PA') is the north-eastern state of USA borders New York to the east and north, Ohio to the west, Maryland to the south. The Pennsylvania population in 2020 is estimated to be 12.7 million and 5th most populous state. Pennsylvania state area is 46,055 sq miles (119,283 sq km) and is 33rd by area Total population in Pennsylvania ; Total Population: 12,702,379; Male Population: 6,190,363; Female Population: 6,512,01 Chart and table of population level and growth rate for the state of Pennsylvania from 1900 to 2019. The population of Pennsylvania in 2019 was 12,801,989, a 0.01% increase from 2018. The population of Pennsylvania in 2018 was 12,800,922, a 0.1% increase from 2017

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On average, every year the population grows by 0.01064 Million. Additionally, the population in 2020 is expected to be 12.8232 Million + 0.01064 Million = 12.83384 Million. As per conclusion, the population of Pennsylvania in 2020 is 12.83384 Million. Pennsylvania Population 2020 -12.83384 Million (Estimated The total population age 65 years and over grew from 15.4 percent (1.96 million persons) of Pennsylvania's total population in 2010 to 17.8 percent (2.27 million persons) of the state's population in 2017. Figure 2. Percent change in population by five-year cohort Pennsylvania also has a very large Amish population, second only to Ohio among the states. In the year 2000 there was a total Amish population of 47,860 in Pennsylvania and a further 146,416 Mennonites and 91,200 Brethren The 2020 Census has ended. With your help, 99.9% of Pennsylvania households were counted in this year's census. Thank you for being a good neighbor! Want to see the results? Sign up to get U.S. Census Bureau updates by email or text message when the 2020 Census results are available. 2020 Census Result Area 46,054 square miles (119,280 square km). Population (2010) 12,702,379; (2019 est.) 12,801,989

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Hence, the population of Pennsylvania in 2019 is expected to be 12.811 Million + 0.0122 Million = 12.8232 Million. So, the population of Pennsylvania in the year 2019 in terms of estimated data = 12.8232 Million. Pennsylvania Population 2019 - 12.8232 Million (estimated In 2019, about 11.9 percent of the population of Pennsylvania was between 35 and 44 years old. Read more Distribution of resident population of Pennsylvania in 2019, by age grou Value for Pennsylvania (Number): 12,801,989 Data item: Population, 2019 estimate Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates Program (PEP), updated annually. Population and Housing Unit Estimates. Definitions: The Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program (PEP) produces estimates of the population for the United States, its states, counties, cities, and towns, as well as for the. The chart below shows how each racial group's population has changed over time in Pennsylvania. How does the population in Pennsylvania differ by age and sex? Biologically, humans are slightly more likely to give birth to boys than girls—all other factors being equal, the natural ratio is about 105 boys for every 100 girls

If the projections are accurate, the population of Pennsylvania will increase to 14.1 million in 2040, up from 12.7 million in 2010. Almost 72 percent of the increase will be due to domestic net-migration or overseas migrants arriving from 2010 to 2040, with overseas migrants accounting for more than 85 percent of this portion of the increase The population development in Pennsylvania as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, »race«, ethnicity). Name Status Population Census 1990-04-01 Population Rank City Population (2015 Census) County Motto Image Description 1 Philadelphia: 1.581 million Philadelphia Philadelphia maneto (Let brotherly love endure) The largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia was founded on October 27, 1682, by William Penn For instance, southeastern Pennsylvania gained almost 450,000 residents from 2000 to 2010 and gained nearly 200,000 more between 2010 and 2017. The only other region to show increases in population during both time periods was central Pennsylvania, with gains of 26,631 and 657, respectively

The map on the left shows the classic Pennsylvania map with counties in Mercator projection-types, calculated by the area per population density and as a heat map. On the right: The anamorphic map of Pennsylvania with 67 counties. The color ramp (heat map) moves from (green = min, red = max values per population) Population: 12,763,536 Area: 46,055.00 sq. miles Land Area: 44,739.00 sq. miles Water Area: 1,316.00 sq. miles Population Density: 277.13 people per sq. mile.

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The official website of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Find information and services from Pennsylvania state government agencies The population of all counties, boroughs and townships in Pennsylvania according to census results and latest official estimates. The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, »race«, ethnicity) Erie County, Pennsylvania Population 2020 Erie County, Pennsylvania Population 2020 Erie County, Pennsylvania 's estimated population is 268,399 with a growth rate of -0.68% in the past year according to the most recent United States census data. Erie County, Pennsylvania is the 15th largest county in Pennsylvania PASDC County Population Estimates, 2018 Apr. 2019 Page 2 . Population Growth in Pennsylvania . Philadelphia County, the Commonwealths most populous county, reported the largest growth ' numerically at persons since 2010, 58,129 +4,042) outpaced although Montgomery (Philadelphia's growth (+3,917) from 2017 to 2018 The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania developed a resource to track and model COVID in the United States. According to CHOP, the team used data from a variety of publicly available sources, the researchers built their model to observe how social distancing, population density, and daily temperatures affect.

Race and Ethnicity by Place in Pennsylvania There are 1,761 places in Pennsylvania. This section compares the 50 most populous of those to each other, Pennsylvania, and other entities that contain or substantially overlap with Pennsylvania. The least populous of the compared places has a population of 14,002 In 2018, Pennsylvania had a population of 12.8M people with a median age of 40.8 and a median household income of $60,905. Between 2017 and 2018 the population of Pennsylvania grew from 12.8M to 12.8M, a 0.0119% increase and its median household income grew from $59,195 to $60,905, a 2.89% increase List of Counties and cities in Pennsylvania by population and name , List of Counties and cities in Pennsylvania by population and name in 2020 , List of Counties and cities in Pennsylvania by population and name in 201

Population share of Pennsylvania by age group 2019 Population of Pennsylvania by race and ethnicity 2019 Percentage of foreign-born population, by state U.S. 201 Population. Pennsylvania is a state in the Northeastern United States with a population of 12,791,181 and land area of 44,743 square miles. It ranks as the sixth largest state by population and. Pennsylvania population is 12,758,729 in 2010-2014, which increased 3.89% since 2000. Also find Pennsylvania races, gender, age, and other demography info and rankings The population of all places in Pennsylvania by census years. The icon links to further information about a selected place including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, »race«, ethnicity). Name Status County Population Census 1990-04-01 Population Census 2000-04-01 Population Censu

Pennsylvania - Overview: 2010 Census: 2000 Census: 2000-2010 Change: Counts: Percentages: Counts: Percentages: Change: Percentages: Total Population: Total Population: 12,702,379: 100.00%: 12,281,054: 100.00%: 421,325: 3.43% : Population by Race: American Indian and Alaska native alone: 26,843: 0.21%: 18,348: 0.15%: 8,495: 46.30%: Asian alone: 349,088: 2.75%: 219,813: 1.79%: 129,275: 58.81 POPULATION; Total Population: 12,991,367 (100%) Population in Households: 12,572,079 (96.8%) Population in Families: 9,956,532 (76.6%) Population in Group Quarters 1: 419,288 ( 3.2%) Population Density: 290: Diversity Index 2: 46 : INCOME; Median Household Income: $60,671: Average Household Income: $86,104 % of Income for Mortgage 4: 13%: Per Capita Income: $34,386: Wealth Index 5: 9 ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 FamilySearch, a free online service of the Family History Library, including free images of many federal censuses, including an index of the 1880 federal census of the United States; connected with 1880 census images provided by Ancestry.com, a subscription site

With a population of 59,322, it ranks eighth in population among Pennsylvania's cities. The Lancaster metropolitan area population is 507,766, making it the 101st largest metropolitan area in the U.S. and second largest in the South Central Pennsylvania area The number of U.S. House of Representative seats reserved for Pennsylvania could continue to dwindle following a 100-year population trend in the state, according to recent predictions for. The Population Studies Center (PSC) at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) has fostered research and training in population since 1962, with support from the NICHD P30 program from 1978-2003 and the P2C Population Dynamics Research Infrastructure Program from 2018 to present (formerly the R24 funding mechanism from 2003-2018) The Pennsylvania Population Network (PPN) is a visible program of demographic and health research, application and outreach focusing on population characteristics and change in Pennsylvania, the United States and the world. The PPN provides analyses focused on the role of population structure and change and the subsequent impact on demographic.

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Pennsylvania State History. Rich in historic lore, Pennsylvania territory was disputed in the early 1600s among the Dutch, the Swedes, and the English. England acquired the region in 1664 with the capture of New York, and in 1681 Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn, a Quaker, by King Charles II Rank City Population (2015 Census) County Motto Image Description 1 Philadelphia: 1.581 million Philadelphia Philadelphia maneto (Let brotherly love endure) The largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia was founded on October 27, 1682, by William Penn

Wilkinsburg is a borough in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States adjacent to the city of Pittsburgh. The population was 15,930 at the 2010 census, having lost more than 13,000 in the 70 years since 1940, when 29,853 people were enumerated The U.S. Census Bureau provides a look at Pennsylvania's 10,086,316 voting-age residents The second largest city is Pittsburgh, with a population of 300,286, and is the 66th largest city in the US. What is the fastest growing city in Pennsylvania? Among the 100 largest cities in Pennsylvania, the fastest growing city is Franklin Park, whose population has grown 30.2% since the year 2000 Pennsylvania Department of State > Voting & Elections > Policy, Statistics & Services > VotingElectionStatistics Begin Main Content Area Page Conten

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Pennsylvania expresses higher levels of concern about safety than much of the US, despite lower crime rates. In fact, if you call one of Pennsylvania's safest cities home, you live with some of the lowest crime rates in the country. See the complete list of Pennsylvania's 20 safest cities of 2020 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Population: Census 2010 and 2000 Interactive Map, Demographics, Statistics, Quick Facts Compare population statistics about Pittsburgh, PA by race, age, gender, Latino/Hispanic origin etc. CensusViewer delivers detailed demographics and population statistics from the 2010 Census, 2000 Census, American Community Survey. Veteran Population (as of 9/30/2017) Pennsylvania National Number of Veterans 819,185 19,998,799 Percent of Adult Population that are Veterans 8.66% 6.60% Number of Women Veterans 60,021 1,882,848 Percent of Women Veterans 7.33% 9.41% Number of Military Retirees 51,961 2,156,647 Percent of Veterans that are Military Retirees 6.34% 10.78% Number of Veterans Age 65 and Over 453,299 9,410,17 It is a city with many firsts, including the first-ever library and hospital. Population of Philadelphia in 2020: To find out the population of Philadelphia in 2020, the population figures for the past 5 years need to be checked

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  1. Pennsylvania German, also called (misleadingly) Pennsylvania Dutch, 17th- and 18th-century German-speaking settlers in Pennsylvania and their descendants. Emigrating from southern Germany (Palatinate, Bavaria, Saxony, etc.) and Switzerland, they settled primarily in the southeastern section of Pennsylvania, where they practiced any of several slightly different forms of Anabaptist faith.
  2. Populations of Pennsylvania Cities Ranked by Population Size (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2010
  3. ent east coast entrepreneurs, who believed they could profit from land speculation in the western area of Pennsylvania. Due to arguments over title rights between settlers and land speculation companies in various courts, the company's sales slowed and profits declined.

Search: Pennsylvania Population. Suggested Topics within your search. Population 15 Statistics 11 Census, 20th, 1980 3 Ethnic groups 3 History 3 Minorities 3 Census, 17th, 1950 2 more.

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The population density in Philadelphia is 3951% higher than Pennsylvania; The median age in Philadelphia is 17% lower than Pennsylvania; In Philadelphia 41.26% of the population is White; In Philadelphia 42.86% of the population is Black; In Philadelphia 6.90% of the population is Asia Pennsylvania_population_map.png ‎ (700 × 400 képpont, fájlméret: 179 KB, MIME-típus: image/png) Ez a fájl a Wikimedia Commonsból származik. Az alább látható leírás az ottani dokumentációjának másolata

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By the 1850s, what remained of Pennsylvania's once mighty elk population was limited to sections of northcentral Pennsylvania, predominantly in Cameron, Elk and McKean counties. In the mid 1860s, Pennsylvania's last few native elk were still roaming in Elk and Cameron counties. Within a few years, though, they would be gone Pennsylvania Dutch is an American language that developed from the immigration of German speakers to colonial Pennsylvania. The total sectarian population is around 400,000 and is doubling every twenty years, due to large average family sizes and low attrition rates Philadelphia-area historical tornado activity is slightly above Pennsylvania state average. It is 3% smaller than the overall U.S. average. On 3/22/1955 , a category F3 ( max. wind speeds 158-206 mph) tornado 17.6 miles away from the Philadelphia city center killed one person and caused between $50,000 and $500,000 in damages

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Tornado activity: Lancaster-area historical tornado activity is above Pennsylvania state average.It is 21% greater than the overall U.S. average.. On 11/4/1950, a category F3 (max. wind speeds 158-206 mph) tornado 14.8 miles away from the Lancaster city center injured one person and caused between $50,000 and $500,000 in damages.. On 7/14/2004, a category F3 tornado 22.1 miles away from the. The 'pre-hunt' population is the number of deer available at the beginning of the first hunting season. Across most of Pennsylvania, this is the population in late September or early October. The 'pre-hunt' population includes fawns that survived predation and other mortality during their first summer Population Density in Pennsylvania by Zip Code. Population Density in the United States by Zip Code. Population Density in the United States by City. Select City in Pennsylvania # Location (# Zip Codes) City Report: Population: People / Sq. Mile: National Rank: 1. Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (1) 38,348.

The population density of Pennsylvania was 286 in 2018. Population Density. Population Density is computed by dividing the total population by Land Area Per Square Mile. Above charts are based on data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey | ODN Dataset. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is responsible for operating the state prison system and provides parole supervision of reentrants Search: Pennsylvania Population. Suggested Topics within your search. Population 8 Statistics 7 Census, 20th, 1980 3 Housing 3 Census, 17th, 1950 2 Census, 1990 2 Census, 21st, 1990 2 more. A tour of population trends Other Publications and Reports U.S. Census Bureau Data Products and other state and federal statistics Fourteen Pennsylvania Counties had median household income below $40,000 during the period 2006-2010 7,993,614 75.7% 6,050,076 9.1% Number of P Pennsylvania School District Demographics Interactive Ranking Table Data based on ACS 2009 5-Year estimates and centric to mid-2007. • Population -- total population • %Under 5 -- population under age 5 as percent of total population • %Pop 5-17 -- school age population, ages 5-17, as percent of total population.

Zip Codes with the Highest Population Density in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Report: Population Density Related Reports. Population Density in Pennsylvania by City. Population Density in the United States by Zip Code. Population Density in the United States by City Pennsylvania's elk population has come a long way, conservationists say August 15, 2019. Pneumonia Likely Caused Upper Dauphin Deer Deaths January 27, 2019 Pennsylvania. Seminar to Provide Solutions for Human - Deer Conflicts March 6, 2019 Pennsylvania This is a list of United States of America states by population as of 2019.The list was made using the 2019 Census estimates taken by the United States Census Bureau.The total population of the United States was 330,150,668 at the December 2019 Census.. These numbers include all people other than people just visiting: These include citizens, non-citizen permanent residents and non-citizen long. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Erie saw a 0.85 percent decline in the working-age population. Meanwhile, Philadelphia was the highest-ranking Pennsylvania city for the number of new.

More than 100 years of data show Pennsylvania tick population shift. by Pennsylvania State University. A questing female Ixodes scapularis (blacklegged tick) reaches out in hopes of climbing. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania's total population rose just 0.6 percent over that span. There are now 2.2 million people age 65 or older in Pennsylvania, according to the center Population: 1,517,550 (US Census 2000) Pittsburgh, PA. Population: 334,563 (US Census 2000) Allentown, PA. Population: 106,632 (US Census 2000) Erie, PA. Population: 103,717 (US Census 2000) Reading, PA. Population: 81,207 (US Census 2000) Scranton, PA. Population: 76,415 (US Census 2000) Bethlehem, PA. Population: 71,329 (US Census 2000) Lancaster, P * Population: 12,281,054 * White Population: 10,484,203 * Black Population: 1,224,612 * Hispanic Population: 394,088 * Asian Population: 219,813 * Hawaiian Population

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2009-10-11 13:37:43. In 1718 the population was roughly 40,000, not counting slaves. The US Census give the following estimates for Pennsylvania: 1720 - 31,000. 1740 - 85.000 Pennsylvania was the most ethnically and religiously diverse state in the new nation. One-third of Pennsylvania's population was German-speaking, and the Constitution was printed in German for.

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Pennsylvania. 12,702,379 : Adams County. 101,407. Abbottstown borough. 1,011. Arendtsville borough. 952. Bendersville borough. 641. Biglerville borough. 1,200. Bonneauville borough. 1,800. Carroll Valley borough. 3,876. East Berlin borough. 1,521. Fairfield borough. 507. Gettysburg borough. 7,620. Littlestown borough. 4,434. McSherrystown borough. 3,038. New Oxford boroug Reel 0008 - 1790 Pennsylvania Federal Population Census Schedules - Berks, Chester, Delaware, Huntington, Mifflin (part), Luzerne, Dauphin, Northampton, Cumberland, Fayette, Westmoreland (part), Bucks, and Lancaster Counties. Microfilm copy of the original United States Census Office printed forms completed in m THE PENNSYLVANIA POPULATION COMPANY* By R. NELSON HALE T HE Pennsylvania Population Company from the time of its lincorporation in 1792 until its liquidation in 1812 owned ap-proximately 483,000 acres of land in that portion of Pennsylvania bounded by the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers and Conewango Creek

At that time, the population of the largest congressional district, Pennsylvania's 16th Congressional District, totaled 732,595, and the population of the smallest, Pennsylvania's 17th Congressional District, totaled 686,892, which represented a difference of 6.65 percent Lehigh Valley is one of the few areas in the state of Pennsylvania that has experienced a growth in population over the last eight years. Lehigh and Northampton counties are two of only 20 counties in Pennsylvania that have grown in population from 2010 to 2018, according to new U.S. Census Bureau estimates. In the 47 other counties, the population estimate was unchanged or decreased The U.S. Census Bureau has released estimates of the total population of counties in the nation and Pennsylvania as of July 1, 2018. The estimates show that the Southeast and South Central regions of Pennsylvania continue their growth since 2010 with Cumberland County in the lead as the fastest growing county. Click here to read [ Pennsylvania is one of four states that are legally described as a commonwealth. Census data for Pennsylvania are available beginning with the 1790 census. Any population that was enumerated in the Erie Triangle was included in Pennsylvania, although this area was not legally part of the state until 1792 Pennsylvania Population Schedule Indexes: Fiche, Film, or 179

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Pennsylvania's State Flag is composed of a blue field on which is embroidered the State Coat of Arms. The first State Flag bearing the State Coat of Arms was authorized by the General Assembly in 1799. An act of the General Assembly of June 13, 1907, standardized the flag and required that the blue field match the blue of Old Glory Pennsylvania's slave population had risen gradually, from about 5,000 in 1721 to an estimated 11,000 in 1754. By 1766, it was believed to number 30,000. But the end of the French and Indian War opened up a fresh flood of European immigration. Slave importation fell off sharply Buckingham township Pennsylvania Population Charts According to the most recent demographics data available from the Census Bureau released in December of 2017, Figure 1 Buckingham township illustrates it has 20,328 population which is ranked #1 of all placesin the area. Figure 3 compares the population change from 2010 to 2016 and we can see Buckingham township reveals an increase of 253 (1%) Graph and download economic data for Resident Population in Pennsylvania (PAPOP) from 1900 to 2019 about PA, residents, population, and USA Pennsylvania is a Mid-Atlantic state in the U.S. There are total 67 counties and by Pennsylvania population by county, Lycoming is the largest county in Pennsylvania by land area and having population of 113,664 and it is second largest by total area

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Top News Videos for pennsylvania population news. 02:01. Despite Record Registrations, Millions Still Will Not Vote In 2020 Election. CBS Pittsburgh KDKA TV via Yahoo News · 2 months ago. 05:03. Tucker Carlson: What Butler rally tells us about Trump and his support Yahoo News · 1 month ago . Trending Fun Facts: Nickname: Keystone State - During colonial times Pennsylvania was the middle colony of the original 13 colonies. It held the colonies together like the keystone in a window or door arch. Background: Pennsylvania was settled in 1643. Philadelphia was our state capital during the Revolutionary War and York was the first capital of the United States Detailed crime rates and statistics information from cities within Pennsylvania. Find the top 10 safest places to live in PA

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  1. It's population is quite large, but it's... 3 Answers · Travel · 25/12/2007. 10% of Pennsylvania voters will not be able to vote if they pass voter ID law even tho illegals are only.....? Well it doesn't really say why they do not have ID. You have to have an ID for everything these days. and the government of Pennsylvania.
  2. g of the Revolution it stood third in population
  3. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a population that is — to use a cruel but accurate word — stagnant. Except for a wide strip of territory that is growing from Philadelphia's City Hall to the farms and fields of central Pennsylvania, most of the rest of the state is in the midst of population decline
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